Thursday, 12 November 2020

The Trial of the Lancashire Witches

The Trial of the Lancashire Witches
I just completed a Future Learn course on Lancaster Castle and Northern England History certificated by Lancaster University. The course travelled through time from Roman times,  medieval to present day and covered many subjects one of which was the famous Pendle Witch trials. Please watch this video for more information on the Pendle witches. 
Press on highlighted heading to visit video

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Happy Halloween to all my blog followers.

I hope despite Coronavirus restrictions you all have a Spooktacular Halloween! Have fun and keep safe! 



Halloween with English Heritage.

Image from English Heritage website

Want ideas of where to go this weekend in the UK. Please visit English Heritage website. articles on Halloween.

photo from

Great articles about Halloween on Please visit link. 

Interesting info about witchcraft on Parliament website.!!

Found this really interesting information on parliament website. 

Why Did People Fear Witchcraft? | History in a Nutshell | Animated History

English Heritage have posted this really interesting video on YouTube 'Why did people fear Witchcraft. Enjoy! 


If you cannot see video above please visit

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Making a witches broom

Normally around this time of year I make some mini brooms but with one thing and another (not mentioning you know what!) I haven't been so organised this year. However as I am really a Halloween person all year around I promise to do a tutorial soon. Meanwhile here is a very easy and simple way to make one. Really useful for decorating Halloween tables and for children to do for Halloween this year instead of trick or treating.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Why do witches ride brooms

 Found this interesting article on History website. Please click on link below. 

 Universal History Archive/Getty Images

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

My finished Haunted House!


My finished Haunted House! I really enjoyed doing this Haunted House kit from Calico Craft Parts. Please visit their website for this kit and other Halloween mdf shapes.

I used a lot of Tim Holtz products in the decorating of this project. For more information on Tim Holtz ranges of craft supplies plus tutorials please visit.

Please see previous postings on how I made this Haunted House. If you have any questions get in touch and look out for me on instragram kat.hazelton



I have been listening to interesting tales about the Sooterkin read by Anna Bridgland on her YouTube channel. She also does other really interesting tales of folklore, really worth a visit. Read out in a spooky bedtime story style the tales are perfect to listen too especially during dark Autumn nights and of course Halloween! πŸŽƒ 

Please visit link below. 

Content is more suitable for adults though I think older children would be fascinated by the tales!

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Great project idea from Create and Craft.

Had an email this morning which had a link to this fab potion bottle watercolour painting tutorial by Katherine Coyle on Create and Crafts website.

Please press on this link to see the full article

Haunted House Project part twelve!

 Haunted House Project part twelve.

My lights are now taped in my Haunted House! I must confess I really love these blue/purpley lights! They give off quite a glow! 

So I am pretty much finished now I now just need to take some photos of the haunted house all lit up! So I shall try and organise myself and do that this week! 

Haunted House project part Eleven!

 Haunted House Project part eleven.

Finally getting round to adding lights. I decided to use Tim Holtz Idea-ology Halloween lights as I loved the soft purple/blue ones for my project. There are other makes of mini light's on the market including some I spotted in Hobbycraft. They do a range of different styles and lengths and all battery operated. 

I didn't want to stick them down permanently as I might want to change them for Christmas lights in DecemberπŸŽ„. So I used a low tack washi tape. Looks a bit messy but I am sure you will enjoy the final reveal! 😁

Haunted House project part ten!

 Haunted House Project part Ten.

I have added glow in the dark green Nuvo drops my scene to add a spooky glow! Once dry I will weather them down a little so they don't show up so much during the day. I also added some black Nuvo drops to my little pumpkin stack. πŸŽƒ

Hopefully this week I will be finishing off my project adding lights, birds and flying bats! πŸ¦‡

Friday, 2 October 2020

Haunted House Project part Nine.

 Haunted House Project part Nine.

I feel my Haunted House needs some inhabitants! So today I am doing a gentle craft project, painting black Nuvo drops onto little mdf crows and bats! Really therapeutic

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Haunted house project part eight.

Haunted House project part eight.

The roof of my Haunted house is made from flattered corrugated cardboard. I used some that came in some recycle packaging. I painted this with white gesso leaving to dry added in places a rust colour acrylic paint, again leaving to dry. Then using an old paint brush I stippled thick black gesso to create a more rough texture . Once the paint was dry I rubbed over the roof with Tim Holtz distressed crayons, I used brown and white. I am really pleased with result! Looks like an old shed roof we used to have in our garden years ago!!! Just need to add some mosses! 

I have also added some more boarding this time to my chimney. See part three on how to make planks of wood.

Will post more soon, including lighting the house.

Haunted House Project part seven.

Haunted House project part seven. As I am making this for Halloween I fancied some little pumpkins to go in my graveyard garden.πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ So I glued together two Tim Holtz Idea-ology pumpkins on top of each other. The joy of these pumpkins are that Tim Holtz had already designed them to stack on top of each other and to accept inks, paints and dyes. 

I used distressed crayons and distressed spray to make my pumpkin stack look dirty. I also added some faces with a fine black sharpie pen and a bit of railway scatter. For the stalk I used the top from a real tomato! I dried the stalks in the sun for a couple of days before using. 

The little Haunted sign is also from the Tim Holtz Halloween Idea-ology range. I have just added some green distressed crayon over the lettering to give it that zombie swamp green look! 

Discovery of witchcraft

While doing some research today into local witchcraft stories I found this interesting article about Reginald Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft. The article is by Jennifer Reid dated November 2014. Please visit the link below. 

Photo from article. 

Monday, 14 September 2020

Haunted house project part Six.

Haunted House project part six. 

I have added little nail heads(dots of copper metallic pen) and also warning signs(white pen! Nice and simple! 🀣)

Simple but I think just adding those little extra details adds to the spooky scenery!

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Haunted house project part five!

 Haunted House Project part five.

I made the window glass from clear packing plastic (from a box of Nuvo drops) and coated on the plastic a layer of crackle as shown. This really helped to create an old rippled window effect. Also means you don't see straight through the back of the house. 

For the boarded window I cut strips of paper from my sheet of wood(see previous posting). I glued on the strips or planks with pva. My next job is to add nail heads and paint the roof. 

Haunted house project part four!

 Haunted house project part four.

For the graveyard garden I added railway scatter. The path is shredded cork pieces. Both scatters were glue on using Mod Podge matt. After it dried I sprayed it with isopropyl spray followed by spraying a mixture of *Mod Podge and water. This helps to fix any loose scatter. 

*the mod podge spray was one part Mod Podge to three parts water put in a spray bottle and mixed.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Haunted House project part three

 Haunted house project part three.

I wanted to make some planks of wood to border up one of my abandoned Haunted house windows. So taking white 300gsm card I scored by hand lines, also adding little knot holes for effect. I then added colour by using Tim Holtz Distressed crayons. I used tea dye, gathered twig, picket fence, pumice stone and  lack soot. By gently blending together it created a wonderful weathered wood effect.

Making a Haunted House part two


Haunted house project part two

House and garden now covered in a nice coating of gesso. I added trees, made from dried grape stems, and a pond. The pond was made using modelling paste which I left to dry. I then added blue beads for texture and coated them in Tim Holtz Oxide ink to give it a slimey green colour. When dry I added clear Nuvo drops to make the pond look like it had water in it.

I then added an old skull bead and a little plastic dolls house frog!

Making a miniature Haunted House on a budget part one.


I bought this Haunted House kit from Calico Craft Parts a while ago made a start and with one thing and another I never got round to finishing it. So this weekend I decided to restart the project. As I had already made up the house the first job was to add texture to the graveyard garden and add a base paint of gesso to the house as an undercoat.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

The Saratoga Witch who came from Northamptonshire

Whilst researching on my ever growing quest to find out more about British folklaw I came across an fascinating article which was published on the BBC news website last year about a witch bottle that was found in a chimney in village in Northamptonshire. Having already an interest in Northamptonshire witches I loved I had found yet another story of local witchlore. This story however spands not just in England but over to the United States to Saratoga.

The tale is both a sad yet rather intriguing as unlike a lot of folklaw there are quite a few historical facts which I hope over time to maybe find out some more.

The name of the young lady was Angeline Tubbs and she was born in Watford Village at the former pub known as the Star and Garter around 1761. In some versions of the story she became engaged other married to a British officer from the 31st Regiment of Foot Huntingdonshire. Aged only fifteen she followed him to the colonies to fight in the Revolutionary war. After the British defeat and some terrible stories of her husband trying to murder her she was abandoned and left to defend herself on her own. 

Story has it the poor woman walked fifteen miles to Saratoga Springs where she made a home for herself at Mount Vista. Living in a self made hut and hunting wild animals for food with only cats for company. There she lived for many, many years shunned by society who regarded her as a witch. There are lots of stories surrounding her. Some say she was accused but survived the hangman's noose, others that she was often seen stood on a rock arms outs screaming and what looked like welding lightning storms. Others that in her later life she did fortune telling and that she would only die when all her cats died. 

She reportedly died in 1865 aged 104

I hope to do more research into Angeline Tubb's story, when I find out more information I shall post it here for you all to read. 

In the mean time please visit these wonderful websites that shed more light into her life.


Wednesday, 22 July 2020

The Guilsborough Witches

As I am studying witches and folklore I just want to pass my deepest respect and sympathy to the Guilsborough witches who sadly and tragically lost their lives today in 1612 through people prejudices, ignorance, and lies!

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Fantastic course on Essex Witches.

I recently done a really interesting online course on 'The Witches of Tudor & Stuart Essex' by Kate J Cole, MSt.
It's a fascinating subject and the quality of the course shows that Kate has spent a great deal of time and work researching into the subject.
The course provides a good understanding on the events that took place in Essex, and England, during this dark period of history. I won't give too much away as I want you to enjoy it yourselves, but there are some surprising finds including a witch finder I never heard of. The subject is also dealt in a respectful factual way using historical documentation and not provided on hear say, and folklore.
Kate provides plenty of information for further studying including links to books and downloads.
For more infomation please visit her link.

Monday, 29 June 2020

I just love the tags that come with Killstar Clothing! So I thought as a little afternoon craft project I would 'Kat' one up lol!
I used gesso around the skeletons and left to dry over night.  To add writing and eyeballs I used Nuvo drops. These only took an hour to dry. Then to finish off I added some colour using Tim Holtz distressed crayons, which really adhered nicely to the label. Now I just need to add a ribbon and there you go an early Halloween hanging decoration. Plus rather nice t-shirt from Killstar win, win! πŸ˜‚
Killstar do a great range of interesting alternative clothing. Please visit their website.

Please note I do not get asked, or recieve payments to mention anyone's products on my blog or instagram pages. I just like to share information on my blog. I take no responsibility for third parties.

The Dutch Doll of Finedon!

Some people report in the dead of night of hearing footsteps behind them. Be very afraid if they sound like wood, as it might be the Dutch Doll of Finedon!
The Dutch Doll of Finedon was a wooden figure, originally housed at the girls school in Finedon. It was rumoured that the doll had supernatural powers which allowed the doll to walk at night. Reports had it that at one point it's feet had been removed to stop the doll wandering off! The doll was often used as a threat of punishment! The poor girl as punishment would be locked in the cellar with the creepy three foot wooden doll!
It was relocated to the Church of St Mary the Virgin in 1961 after the school moved. In 1981, the doll mysteriously dissappeared, presumed stolen, from the church! The doll has never been found! Though in the dead of night if you listen you might just hear the sound of tiny wooden feet tap tap tapping along the road!

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Witches of Northamptonshire.

I got sent a link from Northants Live today to a interesting article on the Northamptonshire witches. A subject I have covered a number of times on my blog over the past few years.
The true history behind the witch trails is not a fairy story of magical witches riding on brooms wearing pointy hats but sadly one of persecution and prejudice against women and men, often poor, often misunderstood and often totally innocent of the terrible crimes they were accused of. A time when a cross word from a neighbour or a scathing look could result in someone being labelled 'a witch!' A very dark time in history but also a fascinating subject to get an insight of human behaviour and beliefs of the 17th century.

Here is the link to Northants Live. It's a fascinating read.

Friday, 19 June 2020


Wishing you all a wonderful Summer Solstice tomorrow. However you spend it have fun, be safe, be well.
Below is an interesting article explaining about 2020 Solstice.

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Witches brooms make your own!

One of my miniature hat and broom made many years ago in 2010! Time does fly like a witches broom lol!

I been gathering twigs from my garden on and off since the winter. Storing them by for a rainy day! Well as we are having a few rainy days (lol) I decided to dig them out and make some minature Witches brooms. I used to make hundreds of them many moons ago when I used to make dolls house miniatures for a living. They are lovely thing to make and no two are the same. Each one has it's own character depending on the material you use. You can make flat ones using lolly pop sticks for handles which are handy for gluing into cards or making into book marks. You can also use more rounded cake pop sticks, drinking straws, pencils or of course sticks from your garden. For bristles you can use real bristles cut from old brooms or dust pan brushes, from strips of lace, string, paper, or wool! More inventive the better and it's a good way to use up odd items! You can then add pretty ribbons, charms and beads to add a touch of glamour!
While I was looking around pinterest for inspiration I not only found a photo of one of my own little miniature hat and broom set but a fab link to an article which shows you how to make herb brooms! Really fabulous and worth a visit. Here is the link! Enjoy! 😊

Herb brooms please visit link. 

Will post an update on my miniature Witches brooms soon so pop by😊

Friday, 1 May 2020

Happy May Day and Beltane blessings to you all xxx

Happy May Day and Beltane blessings to you all.
 It's extremely hard for us all as we cannot gather to celebrate this wonderful day. But I hope love and happiness finds you and you all keep safe and well.
As for Maypole dancing well I found this lovely link to a site where you can make your own mini Maypole! So have yourself a mini dance at home or in your garden!

Another fabulous link to Grandma Griggly who makes fantastic tutorials including this one on making stick fairies and characters! 

Monday, 27 April 2020

New Youtube how to videos by me!

Hi everyone, well because of the Corornavirus lockdown I haven't had the chance to go exploring across the British countryside for Witchy places, events or places to photograph for my blog. But I am making use of my time to create some simple tutorials which I am downloading to youtube. They are not all of a Witchy nature but so easily be adapted and I will soon be doing some witchypoo ones so please stop by and have a look!
Of course as soon as some sort of normality returns and we are allowed out I shall get back to photographing and blogging more!

Monday, 23 March 2020

Some ideas to keep you busy at home.

Well this year,so far, has not gone to plan lol! Had all these plans for my blog but with bad weather, illness and now the dreaded Coronavirus my time and my mind has been a little distracted. But I thought I would try and be useful and post some mini tutorials I spotted on pinterest with a Witchy, fairy, pagan theme. Might be handy for anyone stuck at home and sick of housework lol! Enjoy and please keep safe and keep well x

Monday, 16 March 2020

A little happy spell to boast your confidence!

With all the chaos in the world here is a little spell I found on line to boast your confidence.

Monday, 10 February 2020

The Great Con-Junction Official Dark Crystal event at Elstree Studios Feb 2020

Had a fantastic time at the Great Con-Junction Official Dark Crystal event at Elstree Studios Feb 2020. 
Here are some photos from my day!
The event was a fantastic mix of original Dark Crystal and new Dark Crystal Age of Resistance. Included Q&A panels, signings, Cosplay competition, photo opportunities and a Skeksis style buffet lunch! All at Elstree Studios home to the Dark Crystal and many more wonderful movies and TV programmes. 
A very magical and other worldly day!


Yes that is me, Hup and Victor Yerrid! Happy or should that be Huppy day! 

The Legend of Jenny Greentooth!