Sunday, 29 July 2018

Behind the Seams....hats of Harry Potter.

Being a Milliner myself, well an inactive one, I never say retired or ex Milliner as I never know when the urge to hat again might strike lol. Well if you are like me and hats are in the blood Warner Bros Studio Tour the making of Harry Potter is a great place to spot a variety of wonderful Hats!
Just before the entrance of Diagon Alley there is this amazing display of Witches and Wizard Hats, including materials and hat blocks that was used in production . It is a little dark area of the tour so please excuse my photos, but it gives you an idea.

Here are the wonderful hats worn by Fleur Delacour and the young ladies of the French magical school Beauxbatons Academy. Notice the hat blocks used by Philip Traecy.

Many Wizard and Witches Hats worn throughout the series of Harry Potter films. All beautiful handcrafted from various fabrics and decorated with a variety of trims including buckles, feathers and ribbons.

Notice the rolls of fabric and sketches of Fleur Delacour on the wall.

Look at all the beautiful feathers.

There are many more hats to be spotted throughout the tour. For example here is Neville's Boggart in the shape of Snape wearing a most fetching hat!

‘I wonder, could you tell us what sort of clothes your grandmother usually wears?’
Neville looked startled, but said, ‘Well ... always the same hat. A tall one with a stuffed vulture on top.

Of course I had to including the most famous hat the sorting hat. This lives in Dumbledore's office! So if you go keep an eye out for him!

As part of my visit I was very lucky to go a workshop called 'Behind the Seams', please see previous posts to see more costumes. Part of this workshop I got close up and personal to two hats. One of Fleur Delacor made by world famous Milliner Philip Treacy and Minister Kingsley Shacklebolts smoking hat.

Notice it is not a felt hat rather made from sewed together fabric over a blocked buckram type material. I see a lot of cosplay versions they tend to make them from felt as it is easier to do.

Close up of Minister Kindsley Shacklebolt hat. See all the amazing embroidery and sequins. The lady is wearing cotton gloves to protect the garment.

Also not only are there hats from the Harry Potter series of films but from Fantastic Beasts too!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I have only scratched the surface on the amount of wonderful Millinery they have on display. If you get a chance I highly recommend a visit the Studio tour in person. Photography is allowed and there are many costumes, props, scenery, and behind the scenes information in the tour. As well as full amenities, shops, and butterbeer!
Please visit their website for details on ordering tickets and events.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Blood Moon tonight in UK 27th July 2018

“It is the very error of the moon.
She comes more near the earth
than she was wont. And makes
men mad.”
—William Shakespeare, Othello

Please visit BBC news for information on tonight's blood mood.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Behind the seams part two!

He who must not be named!

This beautiful costume was made from hand dyed French silk. A beautiful garment, lots of fabric but very light. Because the fabric is so light it has a habit of moving in a slight breeze so looks almost alive. An interesting fact that as the characters become weaker this is reflected in the colours of their clothing. Notice that Dumbledore goes from quite coloured attire to pale greys as Lord Voldemort become more powerful and more of a threat to Dumbledore's life! The opposite also happens when Dolores Umbridge gets more powerful her clothes becomes stronger colours of pink!

 Up close and personal.

 Harry Potter's Gryffindor school Robe.

Interesting fact, Tom Felton who played the part of the lovely Draco Malfoy had to have his inside wand pocket sewn up as he kept bring onto set lots of sticky sweets! Evidently though very generous to cast and crew with his sweets he kept leaving them in his Robe pocket causing the costume department a bit of a headache of sticky sweet residues! So his pockets where sewn up! 

 Harry Potters shirt
Interesting fact, the reason the shirt is so large is not because it belonged to the stunt man but because it was supposed to look like a hand me down garment from his cousin Dudley Dursley!

 Harry Potter's trousers
Interesting fact, look closely again this trousers are a hand me down from cousin Dudley so they are too big for Harry. They are also extremely worn out which Harry, with some non matching thread, has tried to fix himself.

Showing the details inside including wand pocket.

Up close to selection of Harry Potter film costumes.

Part three of Behind the Seams....Hats of Harry Potter!

Personal note....Big thank you from me to everyone who made Harry Potter Behind the Seams at Leavesdon Studio tour so enjoyable. And for JK Rowling and Warner Bros for allowing close access and photography at the event. Means a lot to fans such as myself. Kat  😉

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

behind the Seams workshop at Warner Brothers Studio tour part one....

I recently attended a fabulous workshop at the Warner Brothers Studio tour at Leavesdon Studio in Watford(or London as they like to advertise) called 'The making of Harry Potter behind the seams'. The ticket I purchased allowed me both entrance to the Studio tour and the workshop. An hour and a half into the Studio Tour I had to meet up by the doors next to Malfoy's Manor. I was then whisked away with other muggles and magical folk to a secret(ish) location.
The workshop which ran for nearly two hours was a wonderful experience. We saw videos explaining the design, research that goes into each costumes and construction. We also got to look extremely close up to a selection of original hero costumes(ones worn by the actors rather than stuntmen) including Professor Sprout, Luna Lovegood's beautiful Christmas dress, He who must not be named, Mad Eye Moody as well as Harry Potter's! The WB team who presented the workshop where extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Also as the workshop was booked for a small group of visitors it felt very exclusive and special.
At the end the workshop we were allowed to try on real prop cloaks, ask further questions, and take photos. We then were magically returned to Malfoy's Manor and left to continue on with our Studio tour!

Luna Lovegood's beautiful Christmas 'tree' dress.

Up close showing the tinsel trimming and diamantés.

Part two more upclose photos of costumes....

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