Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Creative paperclay tutorial

I spotted this wonderful tutorial on creative paperclay modeling material Facebook page. This project could easily be adapted to make a witch, fairy or pixie!

Please visit the link below.

The loss of my dear companion.

Hi everyone. I wanted to apologise for the lack of interesting blogs this year but I have been spending the past few months looking after my poorly dog. I lost my dear companion this month which has hit us all very hard. My dear Pickle dog had been with us for twelve years and eight months. He was an adorable cheeky character, he gave us lots of love, laughter and always accompanied us on our travels up and down the country. He was a bit of a celebrity in his own right and gathered many adopted Aunties and Uncles. He has always been a bundle of energy and fun but sadly in the new year his age caught up with him and he got seriously ill and need 24/7 care which left me no time or energy for anything else. He passed away peacefully at 3.45pm on the 1st of March in my arms.
It feels very sad and dreadfully odd not having him around as he used to follow me everywhere like a shadow! But life goes on and sad memories will hopefully soon be filled with all the fun we had. And along with this I hope to find my crafting and travelling Mojo and be back to blogging soon!

Life is one big adventure!

Witch marks at Cresswell Crags caves.

Found this really interesting article on ITV's news website about witch marks found at Cresswell Crags caves. Please visit the l...