Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Happy Halloween to all my blog followers

A huge Happy Halloween to all my blog followers. A huge thank you to all of you who take the time to follow my blog and pinterest pages. I am hoping when my health improves to be more active and do some spooky themed YouTube tutorials next year so please keep popping by and spread the word to visit Witch Krafting with Kat. Remember at Witch Krafting with Kat every day is Halloweeeeeeeen πŸŽƒ ! Lol! X

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Halloween foam skulls tutorial by Kat Hazelton

This month has flown by faster than a witch on a racing broom! I had all these plans to do lots of Halloween projects and this month has raced by so quickly all I have managed to do is make some Halloween cards and a few presents for friends lol! I must get more organised, she says every year!
Anyway a couple of my cards I made had this fab skull on. To make this skull I used a skull die by Sheena Douglas (see image below). I used the die to cut several skulls from a sheet of white craft foam which I bought from Hobbycraft for 50p. The die works really well with craft foam.

I then used a combination of Tim Holtz distressed inks in black soot and vintage photo (see photos below). I love Tim Holtz inks they blend beautifully and also work very well on foam.
Using a ranger blending tool I added black soot around the eyes, nose and teeth and vintage photo around the rest of the skull. If you add too much ink use a cloth to gently remove some of the ink.

Now your skull is ready to glue onto a card. Another idea cut out and ink a dozen skulls and glue them onto a ribbon for a cool handcrafted Halloween bunting.

                            My finished card!
       Photo taken by my dear friend Sarah.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Fairy Winter wonderland Snowglobe tutorial by Kat Hazelton

Yes I know Halloween is on our doorstep but I had to share with you this little snow globe I put together at the weekend. This is a really easy tutorial and can easily be used to create a non festive scene, see next my next posting for a Halloween version!!!πŸŽƒ

You will need
A plastic snow globe (I bought mine at Hobbycraft)
A bag of artificial snow (Hobbycraft)
A tiny Christmas tree (Hobbycraft, good craft shops)
Glitter(any good craft store)
Tim Holtz distress spray white picket fence(Hobbycraft or good craft suppliers)
Glue such a tacky glue or Uhu.
Assortment of ornaments.
I choose a fairy and mushrooms made by my friend Jenny Kelm of Kastlekelm miniatures. You can use Lego figures, cake toppers, basically anything small enough to fit in your globe.

The snow globe easily unscrews like a jam jar.

Using Tim Holtz distressed spray in picket fence white I sprayed a little in the dome and then wiped with a tissue. This gives the look of a snow storm!

While the globe dries I glued my little tree onto the base of the snow globe.

Then I glued mushrooms(made by Kastlekelm miniatures) and added some snow.

I glued some snow on top of my tree and gently glued my fairy(made by Kastlekelm miniatures) onto the larger toadstool.

Leaving the Base to dry I added some glitter into the globe. This will be left loose.

Now add some snow.

When you are sure your scene is fully glued and dry put your globe together and gently shake!

Now your festive scene is all done!

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Please note I do not get any financial gain from my mentioning of websites, shops etc .I do it for my love of crafting and craft makers! 😊

Join me soon for πŸŽƒHalloweenπŸ‘» tutorials, ideas and cool links!

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