Thursday, 30 August 2018

Making a little Halloween Shrine!

A really simple but fun little project to do. Perfect for a rainy afternoon. You don't need much in the way of materials just a shrine kit, some sharpie pens, scissors, pva glue. I bought this little Halloween Shrine kit from They do a great range of Halloween themed wooden shapes perfect for craft projects and card making.

The shrine is very easy to put together as it is a straight forward box shape and already cut to slot together. I cut and glued some paper onto the large back panel, the part I wanted inside my shrine. The paper I used was bought at The Range.

I glued paper on the underneath of the top for a ceiling, and bottom for a floor. I didn't bother papering the sides as I liked the look of the wood. Plus once the front is added these parts will not really show. I then glued it altogether and left it to dry for an hour.

The front of my shrine I decorated using sharpie pens. I drew on bricks and shaded it in with a grey pen.

I then used a green pen to add a verdigris roof.
I then glued the front onto the box shrine.

I now added various painted wooden shapes which I glued on again using pva glue. I added highlights by using a silver pen.

The finished shrine with little Witches!

The tiny witches where made by my dear friend Jenny Kelm of Kastlekelm miniatures

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial I hope to bring you more Halloween themed tutorials over the next two months.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Halloween is on it's way!

Halloween is my favourite time of the year so I always get very excited, like a witch in a broom shop, when I see Halloween items creeping into both on line and high Street stores. One of the first to get their lines in are 'TK Maxx' and their sister shops 'Homesense' which are already getting in Halloween lines on line and in stores across the country. I do find that TK Maxx and Homesense do a great range of quality Halloween items ranging from ornaments, tableware to fun tea towels. So far I am loving the range of Skull themed ornaments but I am hoping they might do some Witchy items too. Last year they did a beautiful range of Witch dolls. 
Below are some of the items already available on TK Maxx online shop.

Please note these items were available as I write this posting, I recommend ordering as soon a possible as they sell out quite quickly.
Please visit their website for shop locations. TK Maxx do on line ordering which you can collect in store.

Just a little mention I do not get any monetary benefits from mentioning shops, sellers and artists on my blog. I purely do it for fun 😊.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Making a light up witches house with Kat!

I have seen a lot of wonderful tutorials on You Tube on making little fairy houses out of plastic drinks bottles and air dry clay and I keep meaning to have a go and finally I got round to It!
The best online tutorials I have seen are done by a YouTube vlogger called Creative Mom. It was her videos that inspired me to have a go. Please visit her tutorials as they are very informative, easy to follow and fabulous.
If you have problems with link copy and paste onto Google search or look for Creative Mom on YouTube.

This project is so much fun to do I highly recommend giving it a go! 
It would a great School holiday project for your children, grandchildren or just a lovely project to do yourself on a rainy day! 

Making a bottle house with Kat(me)

First of all I gathered some supplies to create the basis of my house, in my case some water bottles which I cut down to a size I preferred and cardboard witches hat which had been lurking in my craft cupboard for a decade! I cut the witches hat in two, using the conical crown for a pointed roof and the brim for the Base of my house.

I then glued the cardboard pieces and bottles together with a hot glue gun making sure I had access underneath so I could add some fairy lights later.

To give my other roof I used kitchen foil which I glued on with my hot glue gun in a mushroom style shape. I also added some foil sausage shapes to make a larger window and door Way. For a chimney I used the tube from the used up kitchen foil which I cut at an angle and glued on again using my glue gun.
I then started covering my bottle house in air dry clay. I used Das white to start with.

The smaller windows where made by just using a tool to remove the clay. The more windows you add in the more your fairy lights will show through. Plus it adds more character. You can of course exclude lighting altogether in which case I recommend leaving the back clay free or add bigger windows at the back to let in the sunlight.

I ran out of white clay so I used some brown air dry clay.

Once I had covered the whole house in clay I added some details with sculpting tools.
Then I left it to dry for two days.

After it had dried thoroughly I painted the whole house in a base coat of colour. I used children's acrylic paints I bought in Hobbycraft. I mixed several colours together to make this rather funky purple colour!

Then the fun bit, I used an assortment of acrylic paints to create a really colourful fairyland house. This photo shows the back of the bottle house showing doors and more windows.
Once dry I added some battery operated fairy lights using the entrance under the bottle house. I just popped them in and then added a bit of cardboard and tape to stop them falling out. I kept it really simple so I can then easierly remove the battery operared lights at a later date if I want too. Remember don't use real candles if you used plastic bottles!

My finished house with lights on, I am really pleased how my first attempted turned out.

Lights on someone must be in!

Well it didn't take long before some little Witches decided to move in!

Little Witches where made by friend Jenny Kelm of Kastle Kelm Miniatures. Please visit their website.

Well I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and it will encourage you to have a go yourself. You can use any clean plastic bottle, glass bottle or jars and the possibility of ideas are endless. You can create Lord of the Ring style towers, mushroom shaped Gnome homes, pixie houses, fairy homes etc, etc.
Just have Fun!
Coming soon how to make a mini broom.....

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